Exploring Health Insurance for the Next Stage in Life

What are my options?

When should I enroll?

What will it cost?

It’s likely these questions have crossed your mind if you’re approaching Medicare enrollment age. It can be overwhelming to sort through all of the information and options. Fortunately, there are resources that can help you through the process, such as Network Health’s Navigating Medicare program.

Here’s a quick look at this employer-based program and how both employers and employees benefit:

What is Navigating Medicare?

Navigating Medicare is a program offered by Network Health to help take the confusion out of Medicare. Employers can request Network Health to come for an in-person session to educate their employees on what Medicare is, when to enroll and options for coverage.

Who can participate and how much does it cost?

The program is free and is offered as a benefit to anyone in the community. Any employer can take advantage of the program to help their employees learn more about Medicare. Employers can set up as many sessions as they want but most groups sign up for twice a year.

What is covered during Navigating Medicare sessions?

The program educates employees on:

  • The Medicare Alphabet, including Parts A, B, C and D
  • How and when to enroll in Medicare to avoid delays and penalties
  • The types of Medicare coverage that are available, including what to look for in a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • What Original Medicare pays for and why additional coverage may be needed
  • Comparison of options – employer plans versus Medicare
  • Health insurance options for people who are not 65 but interested in retiring early

Participants also get a worksheet that provides guidance as they assess their personal finances and individual needs.

How does Navigating Medicare benefit employers and employees?

Often, human resources departments don’t know the ins and outs of Medicare and are unable to answer employee questions. This is a way to get employees the information they need.

It benefits employees by helping them become better educated about Medicare and how they should approach health insurance for their next stage in life. It can also help younger employees learn more about Medicare so they are better equipped to help their parents or other aging relatives.

How do employers set up a session?

If you already work with a Network Health agent, you can work with him or her to schedule a session. If you don’t have a Network Health agent, you can reach out to our sales department at 800-983-7587 or send us a message through our website.