Improve Your Health

How to Achieve a Healthy Weight

When it comes to achieving a healthy weight, establishing a proper balance between energy input and energy output is key. Although that balance will look a little different for everyone, there are three universal tips that will put everyone on the right track:

1.) Practice Mindful Eating

Borrowing from the meditative form of mindfulness, mindful eating creates opportunities to become more conscious of food consumption habits. Multitasking while eating can distract the mind from acknowledging satiation, so start by scheduling time in your day for meals and snacks.

The next step is portioning out proper serving sizes. Measuring out food in advance – whether for a meal or a quick snack – helps curb overeating. Note that standard portion sizes do not always equate to serving sizes! Check food labels to become familiar with healthy portioning.

Lastly, be mindful of what goes into the body. Replace empty calories – sugars, fats, alcohol – with nutrient-rich foods when possible. Nutrient-rich foods fuel the body, adding vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep a body operating in a healthy, balanced manner.

2.) Reduce Periods of Inactivity

Long periods of inactivity have a negative effect on a body’s circulation, metabolism, and more. Burn calories and encourage proper body functionality with regular levels of physical activity.

Combating sedentary habits starts with finding ways to make active substitutions. It can be as major as biking to work or as minor as choosing to walk into a restaurant for pick-up instead of relying on drive-thru. TV binging can be done while walking on a treadmill, or episode breaks can be used to squeeze in some quick calisthenics.

From there, plan purposeful periods of activity. Make time to go on walks, or run through a workout at the gym. Establishing a routine ensures regular breaks from inactivity – further promoting a healthy balance of energy.

3.) Form Sustainable Habits

Consistency is fundamental to weight management. Fad diets and boot camps may yield short-term results, but developing a healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure a healthy weight long-term.

If workdays get chaotic, do not rely on lunch break walks; consider getting activity in before the workday begins. If making meals from scratch every night is taxing, try meal prepping over the weekend. If your sweet tooth is insatiable, work cocoa powder and fruit into a morning protein shake.

Set yourself up for success. Make health-conscious choices that are easily repeatable to form proper habits and keep weight appropriately balanced.

For more tips on wellness and weight management, contact your health insurance provider to find a personal doctor near you.