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Have a Question About Prescription Medication? Talk to Your Health Plan Pharmacist.

Do you have questions about your prescription medication? Your first thought is likely to contact your local pharmacy. But did you know some health insurance providers, such as Network Health, have a health plan pharmacist who is available to review your medications and answer questions?

Retail pharmacists – those who work at local pharmacies – mainly dispense prescriptions and explain the proper timing and potential side effects. But because they work with so many health insurance plans, it’s difficult for them to explain costs and what each individual plan covers.

That’s where health plan pharmacists step in. We understand the specifics of each member’s plan, which allows us to answer questions about cost and coverage. Think of us as another member of your care team – the person who knows the specifics about your plan and prescription medication. We work with providers, nurses and case managers as well as our customer service department and appeals and grievances team. We also work with our Medicare team on all pharmacy-related matters.

People are able to contact us directly with questions but we also sometimes reach out to our members as part of our Medication Therapy Management program. One of the biggest challenges we face is having people know that we’re here for them and that they can reach out to us when they need help.

Part of what we do is help members get medications at the best price. We sometimes find people are using medications that can be swapped out for ones that are equally effective, but cost less. For example, instead of a member paying $84 for a prescription, we may be able to help them find an equivalent one for $8. It’s that type of savings that makes it more likely people will fill their prescriptions and take their medication – which helps them live healthier over time.

Most health insurance plans do not offer members direct contact with a pharmacist. Network Health is part of a small percentage that offers this benefit with five health plan pharmacists. We believe it’s another way for us to serve the community. As your neighbors, we’re familiar with the local pharmacies, pharmacists and providers in the area and are committed to providing the very best access to care.

Have a question about a prescription medication? One of Network Health’s health plan pharmacists can help.