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Network Health’s Hometown Advantage Benefits Brokers Too

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Kathy Krentz

Sales Support Specialist at Network Health and Agency Owner at Family Legacy Insurance Services

Network Health

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I work both as an independent agent and as a sales support specialist for Network Health, so I know firsthand the dedicated service, expert information and community familiarity that brokers can expect from Network Health. Our broker partners receive the same exceptional care that we give our members, employers and providers, which is the basis for our hometown advantage.

What the Hometown Advantage Means for Brokers

Everyone at Network Health lives and works in Wisconsin. It doesn’t take long for our brokers to realize that we’re part of the same community and that we provide the best service to their clients.

This is what our hometown advantage is all about. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch service and making sure brokers truly understand our plan offerings, so they can get their clients the coverage they need and deserve.

Training, Tools and Resources

Working on both sides of the health insurance process has shown me just how important it is for brokers and carriers to communicate openly. Both parties need to understand our variety of plan offerings so we can work together to ensure members have the plan that meets their individual needs.

At Network Health, we help simplify this process for brokers in several ways.

Dedicated Support – Having a single point of contact can be very helpful, which is why all brokers are paired with a local Network Health account executive. The account executive is the first point of contact for brokers when they have questions or feedback.

Expert Assistance – Network Health hosts monthly broker meetings, which allows our brokers to meet with their Network Health support team face-to-face. These meetings include public informational sessions and continuing education opportunities, so all our brokers stay well-informed and fully prepared to help members expertly navigate plans and understand all the available benefits.

Pharmacy Resources – In addition to our account executives and sales support specialists, members and brokers also have access to a Network Health pharmacist. Our pharmacists can provide broker training and they conduct medication therapy management services for eligible members. Having in-house pharmacists who speak with our members and brokers sets Network Health apart.

At Network Health, our goal is to make sure brokers know about our high-quality service and plan options to feel comfortable selling our plans. Our dedicated Network Health account executives can get the answers to any questions you may have and to give you all the information you need to get your members the best care options possible.

Visit or contact a Network Health Representative at 920-720-1345 for information on our 2020 health insurance plans.

HMO plans underwritten by Network Health Plan. POS plans underwritten by Network Health Insurance Corporation or Network Health Insurance Corporation and Network Health Plan. Self-insured plans administered by Network Health Administrative Services, LLC. Y0108_2818-01-1119_C

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