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Making the Switch to Network Health

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We want the best for our people. That’s what it comes down to. When we look at our health insurance options for Zizzo Group Engagement Marketing we are searching for a provider that will help us take care of our people, without breaking the bank.

Searching for a Cost-Effective Solution

Every year, employers like us brace themselves for increases in premiums and co-pays, as well as other out-of-pocket costs for our employees. Last enrollment season, just as we expected, the estimates we were getting from our previous provider had indeed gone up. While it was anticipated, the news was still a disappointment. The plan we were using had rather limited network options as well, and those hadn’t changed at all despite these new increases. We needed a better solution for Zizzo Group.

During our search for a new plan, there were several aspects of Network Health that caught our eye. Their deductibles are competitive, they operate in local care networks that a majority of our employees already use, and their plans are built with more options than most of the other plans we’d considered. Their out-of-network coverage options are also much more flexible than those we’d found in other plans.

The more we looked into what Network Health offers, the more certain we were that they are the right provider for us. Not only are the coverage and network options a great fit, but we are also excited by some of the added benefits we receive as members. Our employees enjoy participating in the variety of wellness programs, and Network Health’s personalized care management program assured us that our people have access to expert assistance with their health if they ever needed it.

Transitioning into Network Health

Switching over to a Network Health plan was incredibly simple. Network Health worked closely with our broker to make sure we’d get the exact coverage options our employees needed. The process was clearly communicated, and we were given the tools and resources we needed in order to thoroughly understand our new plan.

Network Health took the time to send a representative to our offices for an employee informational session as well. This was incredibly helpful. Our employees attended a presentation on their new plan options, and had the opportunity to ask questions about their them. Their customer service was exceptional, although, we found we didn’t have to rely on it much during our transition. The process was very straightforward.

During a time when employer health insurance premiums were going up by 15%-30% all across the board, Network Health helped us cut costs for the business and our employees by 25%-30%. This is unheard of. The savings, the attentive and expert assistance d and the added member benefits we’ve received reaffirm time and time again that switching to Network Health was the best decision we could have made.

Visit or contact a Network Health Representative at 920-720-1345 to find additional support and information regarding your employer health insurance options.

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