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For those considering a new Medicare plan, it's important to have access to support from trusted representatives and health care professionals that are close to home. #Medicare
Medicare Monday - Different Medicare Coverage Choices At Network Health, we want people to be educated about the different coverage and plan choices they have with Medicare. Watch as our account executive, Brian Vranek, explains the differences between original Medicare, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plans.
It's important to understand the specific coverage available in your 2020 Medicare Advantage plan. #Medicare
Private insurance companies, like Network Health, provide additional benefits and coverage beyond Original Medicare with Medicare Advantage plans. #Medicare
Join us live tomorrow for all things Medicare. #FacebookLive #Medicare
It's important to review any changes to your Medicare Advantage plan before deciding whether or not to re-enroll. #Medicare
Medicare Monday - The Travel Benefit At Network Health, we offer a unique travel benefit to all of our Medicare members. Hear from our account executive of individual sales, Amanda Hrabe, as she describes this benefit.
Once you receive your Medicare card in the mail, countless promotional materials about different plans and benefits will quickly follow. #Medicare
Getting the most out of your health plan means looking beyond the basics. Here's how. #Medicare
Medicare Monday - The "Hometown Advantage" At Network Health, our focus is on our members and communities, because we’re located right here in Wisconsin. Hear from VP of Sales and Marketing, Erin Kelly, on what our hometown advantage is all about.
One of the best ways to prevent injuries is by educating coaches and players how to hit appropriately while playing full-contact sports. #Concussions #SportsSafety
Why Consider Network Health This Open Enrollment Season Donald Driver discusses the importance of thinking about health insurance during open enrollment season.
The frequency at which people experience migraines varies greatly from person to person. #Migraines
Columbia St. Mary's is Now Known as Ascension Compassionate, personalized care has a new name. Columbia St. Mary's is now Ascension. The signs in our buildings are changing, but Ascension caregivers have been here all along. Our doctors, clinics and hospitals are connected to experts and specialists across ...