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Author: Sally Bowman

RN, Quality Care Coordinator

Network Health

Sally Bowman is a RN Condition Management Coordinator in the Quality Improvement department at Network Health. Her clinical role focuses on closing gaps in care through telephonic outreach with the Network Health members.  She provides them with resources, tools and self-management strategies to improve the way they live with a chronic condition.

Sally received her nursing degree from Hocking College and Ohio University. Sally recently obtained her National Board Certification as a Health and Wellness Coach.   She has over 30 years of nursing experience in public health management, occupational health, and school nursing.

A native of Ohio, she moved to the Fox Cities seven years ago with her husband Brent and their two chihuahuas.  They have two adult children and one grandson.  In her free time, Sally enjoys kayaking, biking, flower gardening, and exploring Wisconsin.

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