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Author: Dr. Beth Coopman, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

Network Health

Beth Coopman is a Clinical Pharmacist at Network Health since 2017. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She continues to be a pharmacy instructor for UW-Madison School of Pharmacy as well as Medical College of Wisconsin Pharmacy School and Purdue College of Pharmacy.

Prior to coming to Network Health, she worked as a pharmacy manager at Walgreens for 12 years and brings to her current role many years of advocating for patients and working with providers to deliver safe, effective, and cost-conscious recommendations. Her goal at Network Health is to work with our members to address problems they may have with medication affordability, complexity, and understanding how medications can improve or maintain their quality of life. Additionally, Beth has active roles in Network Health’s Behavior Health Committee, Quality Management Committee and Interdisciplinary Care Team.

Beth and her husband are kept quite active with their three children, but in her spare time she enjoys playing sports, volunteering at St. Joseph’s food pantry and reading.

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