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Nurse Care Managers Improve Patient Care

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Yvonne Morrow

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Getting a serious medical diagnosis is overwhelming and many people wonder, what’s next? Healthcare systems are complex and people can become frustrated when trying to access the right care and treatment options. This is why working with a nurse care manager can help.

Nurse care managers work with people who experience a complex medical issue, such as cancer, kidney failure, a high-risk pregnancy, a behavioral health issue or trauma. They provide guidance and support and help patients understand their options while making sure they have access to the care they need.

Getting involved in a patient’s care early on allows nurse care managers to provide the most support. Patients are typically connected with one after talking with their health insurance provider about a medical diagnosis or upcoming treatment. Sometimes healthcare providers also suggest working with a nurse care manager.

There are several ways nurse care managers can help improve the quality of patient care, including:

  • Regular check-ins with patients – During these check-ins, nurse care managers answer questions and ensure that patient’s care plan is still appropriate and achievable. They can also guide patients in setting treatment goals, which may change as a patient goes through treatment and experiences new concerns or issues. For example, a patient going through chemotherapy may initially have the goal of managing side effects but over time the financial aspect of treatment may move to the forefront.
  • Medication management – Nurse care managers help patients manage medication side effects and reduce miscommunications about dosages. For example, if a patient is experiencing dehydration as a side effect of taking a medication, a nurse care manager may recommend IV fluid hydration. This will allow the patient to manage the side effect while continuing with treatment.
  • Help manage costs – To keep costs down, nurse care managers serve as a liaison between healthcare and insurance providers. For example, if a person is outside their insurance plan area, a nurse care manager can help them get back to working with in-plan providers.
  • Connect patients with community resources – Nurse care managers strive to improve patient education. This often means connecting patients with local resources, including financial assistance, support groups, classes and more.

Network Health believes nurse care managers are an important part of any health plan. It not only improves cost management – it delivers higher quality care that helps members improve their health and become active participants in their care. To learn more about nurse care managers, contact your health insurance provider.

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